Monday, 1 November 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #44 The Attika State - The Horton Shuffle

The Attika State – 'The Horton Shuffle'

If you follow Keep Pop Loud on Twitter you will have noticed my increasing love for the Alcopop record label. Basically they're great.

A few months ago they released an excellent compilation in a 'Menu' format and these past couple of weeks I've found it hard to remove it from my Now Playing list on the iPod. It helps greatly that the last song on the compilation (when you go for the All You Can Eat option – like me) comes from an excellent band that I'd never heard of previously. The Attika State. That song is 'The Horton Shuffle' and it's this weeks Track of the Week.

I'll be honest, I've not heard much more material by these guys, but their album artwork is encouraging...

… allowing the record to have made it onto my To Buy list.

At this point I usually write something about what the song sounds like. The trouble is however I think about describing 'The Horton Shuffle' doesn't do it justice (think crisp, driven rock but non-clichéd). Sadly, it's not on youtube either so you WILL HAVE TO head to spotify this week.

The Attika State – The Horton Shuffle

Remember, with the Track of the Week I'm saying “If you only listen to one new song this week then make it THIS ONE.” This is one hell of a recommendation people.

Here's couple of relevant links should you wish to investigate further:

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