Sunday, 24 October 2010

Some Sunday folk from Darren Hayman

Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern – Two Tree Island

Different from the usual fare I post about on here. 'Two Tree Island' is a wonderful and delicate piece of folk music that, if you've got a soul, will find soothing and reflective during the autumn. The song features on Hayman's new album, a concept record about Essex, entitled Essex Arms and sounds as though it was constructed with Sundays like today in mind.

(For purely typographical reasons I've often gotten Darren Hayman confused with Darren Hayes. Of course the one responsible for 'Two Tree Island' is the frontman of indiepop heroes Hefner. Not the bloke from Savage Garden.)

You should listen to the song for the reasons that I've highlighted in the opening paragraph as well as because the lyrics are evocatively superb. That's not the reasons I gave it a go however.

I won't bore you with them, but have a listen and see if you can figure it out...

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