Monday, 27 September 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #39

British Sea Power – 'Zeus'

Very long term favourites are British Sea Power, so it's fantastic to have them back – even if the fourth album has been put back until the beginning of 2011. On the plus side, they're giving us a teaser EP and have made it's title track a free download.

Enter 'Zeus'.

Appropriately the drums sound as though they're the products of the gods anger, whilst the overall feel is of something classic BSP – life affirming with a wonderfully aggressive edge and a sharp intellect. Sonically it's everything that you want and need from rock music. Wails and thunder. Melody, subtly and power. For some reason it also slightly recalls Iggy Pop. All good things.

The EP drops on October 4th. The download's here, via This Is Fake DIY

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