Monday, 20 September 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #38

Manic Street Preachers – '(It's Not War) Just the End of Love'

Hopefully I shouldn't need to do too much persuading about the brilliance of Manic Street Preachers so I'll briefly share one of my earliest memoires of pop music.

It was the Brit Awards 1997 and I was watching it on TV as a nine year old. Why I was watching this I don't remember, but the Manics performed 'A Design For Life', and although I wasn't a music fan at the time I was impressed by the power of the performance (and the shiny blue lights). Somehow I remember equating in my child mind that this must be that rock n roll thing I've heard people talk about.

Fast forward many years and the Manics are going through one hell of a career resurgence after a spate of so-so albums in the early part of the 2000's. Send Away The Tigers reinvigorated them creatively, whilst Journal For Plague Lovers got the critics back on side. A year on from the latter and there's no signs at all of the purple patch abating.

Postcards From A Young Man
is both utterly brilliant and out today. It's now that I'm realising that, hell – I've always loved the Manics and this week's Track of the Week is the lead single from the album and sitting in the pop charts at number 28. A far cry from their chart topping days, sure but seeing as we're going through a time where few bands are cracking the Top 40 (let alone the Top 30) this “one last shot at mass communication” is a success all around.

Sadly the video's not embeddable however. Watch it here.

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