Monday, 13 September 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #37

Grinderman – 'Heathen Child'

When you watch a music video there's certain things you expect to see. 'Heathen Child' contains none of those. It contains the things you want to see.

Nick Cave and his bearded co-conspirators dressed as Romans?


Are they shooting lazer beams out of their eyes?

You betcha.

Does a dog do some conducting?

Of course.

Have they got that guy who can pop his eyes out of his face to play Buddah?

Yes. Duh!

Are there dinosaurs? Or asteroids?

Yes. On both counts.

What about boobs? Is there boobs? I bet there's not boobs!

There's boobs alright!!

The album Grinderman 2 is out today

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