Sunday, 8 August 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #32

Paul Smith – 'North Atlantic Drift'

In a move that's as sudden as it was surprising, Maxïmo Park front-person Paul Smith announced last week that he's due to release a solo album in just two months time. This Is Fake DIY has been quick to comment on the fact that this comes the same year as Bloc Party's Kele and The Killers' Brandon have released solo records, so we need go no further on that front. Aside, that is, from saying that early signs point to this being MUCH BETTER than Kele's 'effort'.

You may have noticed that I've not embedded a video to go with this week's track and that's because it is very hot off the press, being made available as a free download only from Friday last. The vocal on 'North Atlantic Drift' is unsurprisingly a lot like that on Maxïmo's records, whilst the music (on which I believe Paul also plays guitar) is a lot more refined. Of course this doesn't come across as well as the spiky brilliance of his day job, but is certainly different enough to warrant separate release and consideration.

One thing to comment on however, is that the free download (click here and hand over your email address to receive) sounds a little unfinished. In places the click-track is still audible and it sounds possible un-mastered(?). If this is to be the final version then it's not a fatal flaw the doubt comes simply from being used to a recording of higher sound quality from Smith's projects. Nonetheless, even if the album, entitled Margins, is to be in this vain it is still one of the most anticipated albums due in 2010, in my book (the others being Everything Everything, Thomas Tantrum and the aforementioned Brandon Flowers).

The artwork is pretty nice, also:-

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