Monday, 2 August 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #31

Arcade Fire – 'The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)'

The new album from the godly Arcade Fire comes out today and it's no surprise that it's leaked. I fully intended to wait until I had my CD in my grubby paws to investigate some of the songs from The Suburbs but the excited talk about one particular track made me deviate.

'The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)' is an almost-disco beauty that makes suburban isolation and suffocating desperation sound truly exhilarating. The fact that Regine takes lead vocals has lead to the track being bizarrely compared to ABBA. Although ABBA are an act that I truly can't stand (too many associations with drunken middle aged women, I'm afraid) what makes the whole thing weirder is that it's probably actually a fair comment.

After checking out this week's Track of the Week on youtube I became particularly excited to hear the entire record. It's dropping through my letterbox on Saturday morning has therefore meant that I've been wrapping my ears around the album early. The miracles of pre-ordering never cease, do they? Anyway, on the first few listens I'm of the opinion that Arcade Fires LP is one of the finest records to have come out this year so far. Only time will tell if The Suburbs is as good a deconstruction of the dormitory wasteland as Pulp's classic His N Hers, but the signs are looking good.

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