Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What's been happening in the art-pop world whilst you've been at festivals and the blogsphere has been working itself up over the latest hip-hop?

Well, lots. And it's my favourite type of music, so I'm quite silly for not covering it in more depth.

Sky Larkin have quietly released their second album, Kaleide, the follow up to one of KPL's Albums of the Year 2009. It's available as a free download from their website when you pre-order the physical version, which is available in several different pretty packages. I've only had chance to give it the most cursory of into listens, but so far am of the opinion that it's a more than successor to The Golden Spike. The approach to it however is drastically different from a listeners point of view, for where the first album by the group consisted mainly of familiar songs newly recorded, this is a record of completely new material.

, everyone's favourite britpop-indebted artrockers, are back as well with new single 'The Naked And The Dead' being viewable on youtube below and album track 'Identity' available on the free CD with this month's Artrocker Magazine (along with a rather fabulous song from the forthcoming The Strange Death of Liberal England album). Said album, Railway Architecture also features the Silvery cover of 'You Give A Little Love', from the Buggsy Malone musical. Early impression suggest that Railway Architecture could provide us with the post-punk shot in the arm that we've so been desiring all year long.

The news about You Say Party! We Say Die! is worth reporting on here, in case you've missed it. The band, following the tragic and sudden death of their drummer and subsequent departure of keyboardist will no longer be known by the same moniker. From now on they will be simply You Say Party. The reasons for this are completely understandable and the recently finished album, XXXX has just been released in the UK to positive reviews – I've not heard it myself but I can't be everywhere and they're far from a bad band so go check it out for yourself.

Delays also have a new album out. Star Tiger Star Ariel is, by no means, their best album. Dipping in the middle it's still mighty decent. Standout songs that you should listen to are 'The Lost Estate' and 'May '45', which retain the lost summer harmonies of Faded Seaside Glamour and the synth-pop tenancies of their career-high You See Colours. As is something of a common thread amongst decent comeback records this year, STSA failed to chart and seemingly has sold very few copies.

On the singles front there's a bucket load of stuff to flick through. The Futureheads have unleashed one of the finest moments from the honest-to-God-utterly-brilliant-album The Chaos as a single. 'I Can Do That' is probably the best single since 'Heartbeat Song'. Keep Pop Loud does bloody love The Futureheads

Mystery Jets
, sadly haven't sold as many albums as they've deserved to. I refer not just to Serotonin, which also failed to chart (I see a pattern here) but to their previous two records also. Still, we can be consoled by the fact that lead single from the record, 'Dreaming Of Another World' is a giddy pop joy and a reminder of the days when I felt young enough to frequent indie discos.

An older single now, and one that I'm idiotic for missing initially. 'Schoolin'' came out a month or so ago and is by the currently hyped up Everything Everything. I can only assume that I neglected to mention it because it's not a patch on 'MY KZ, UR BF'. It's still brilliant of course, as you can see here, and has given the group an all important push prior to Man Alive, their amazingly artworked debut album.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart just recently slipped us the 7” treat that is 'Say No To Love' / 'Lost Saint'. The limited vinyl is gorgeously/hideously green and coincides with their appearance at the twee-fest that is Indietracks this weekend. It's pretty good and not on their stunning self-titled album, so even more worthy of checking out.

One of my most favouritest bands in the world, Johnny Foreigner, have a free download of a new song over at their blogsite. It's technically a remix of an as yet unreleased track but as the first version available it's sort of not. Called 'With Who, Who and What You've Got', I love it very much, but that's because I love JoFo and would happily buy a new album of theirs every couple of months if they could record that fast.

A new name for the KPL archive is Crocodiles. I've got a copy of their single 'Sleep Forever' in my Currently Reviewing pile. It's really bloody great. Think Jesus And Mary Chain recorded in sepia on a Californian beach and you're most of the way there. Thankfully there's a video you can watch so you don't just have to imagine.

Lastly, witness the return of Klaxons with the just-above-average 'Echoes', watch the The Pipettes new video here , be baffled by the fact that the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players have covered the new Kate Nash single (available as a B-side to teh CD of 'Kiss That Grrrl') and congratulate the Mercury Prize panel for nominating the wonderful Villagers album Becoming A Jackal

DISCLAIMER: if one of these songs crops up as next week's Track of the Week it is down to the awesomeness of the song or brilliance of the band, not the laziness of the blogger. Thankyou!

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