Monday, 12 July 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #28

Chapel Club – Five Trees

There are many reasons why Chapel Club's 'Five Trees' should be Track of the Week on Keep Pop Loud this week. But here's five!

#1) Chapel Club have proven, repeatedly with cracking singles and a great Glastonbury performance that they are a superb new band and very much deserve that little bit more push that hopefully I can give them.

#2) 'Five Trees' has been around for a while and I've yet to stick the video up here. This may mean that I'm behind the trend slightly, but this allows me to make up for lost time

#3) The kind lads that they are / It being the done thing in the Record Industry these days – Chapel Club have a free download available from their website. It's called 'The Shore' and shows a different more sky-scraping side to the group that is equally as brilliant as the post-punk below.

#4) They've been confirmed for this year's Tramlines festival in Sheffield. Which has been expanded upon from last year, and which should see my dutiful and corresponding attendance.

#5) The video.

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