Thursday, 1 July 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #26

Ray Davies - Days (Live at Glastonbury)

As promised not only is this weeks's Track of the Week very late, but it's also one of the many highlights of the Glastonbury Festival that I experienced over the weekend. Obviously I returned to civilisation from the festival on Monday, however I have only in the past few hours returned to my own place and internet connection after staying at my girlfriend's parents house recovering.

I fully intend to write up a full Glasto summery at some point soon, but in the meantime I'll jut mention this. Of all the sets that I witnessed over the weekend the best was Gorillaz headline slot on the Friday. However, not too far behind, in 'the legends slot' on Sunday afternoon was Ray Davies. The former Kinks frontman played a set consisting mainly of songs from said band in arrangements varying between acoustic, full on rock n roll and backed by a huge choir.

The performance was far from being purely celebratory however. It transpires that on the day that we all arrived at Glastonbury the original bassist for The Kinks, Peter Quaife passed away. This, and the dedication of many of the songs to him gave the performance a more emotional subtext. This Track of the Week is exemplary of this and a fantastic farewell song to those we lose. I also chose this song from his set as I found out just after the festival finished that my Grandad passed away on the Saturday afternoon. The goosebumps that I got at the time pale in comparison to those that I feel now just in remembering the lyrics to the song.

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