Monday, 14 June 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #24

Robyn – Cry When You Get Older

I reviewed Robyn's latest release, the mini-album Body Talk Part 1, recently giving it a 9/10 and in commenting on the utter brilliance of it I may have mentioned that this track was by far my favourite. In fact I said this of it: “an amazing instantaneous End Of Year List dead cert. There's swooshing synthesizers and a keyboard melody that matches Robyn's vocal track. With a chorus that goes “'Cause love hurts when you do it right / and you can cry when you get older” it's completely impossible to argue with”

I could expand upon that here, but unfortunately I've little else to say that couldn't be said by the song itself. I love pop music and this is the best example of 'pure' or 'traditional' (i.e. not a guitar band making pop songs) that I've heard since Little Boots last put any material out. The planned next two releases in this series are now highly anticipated around KPL Towers.

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