Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Recent Reviews Round-Up #2

Band of Horses - Infinite Arms (7/10)
"the expansive guitars and big sounding drums that Band of Horses take to releasing climaxes are a reawakening to the sounds that so repulsed the original punks"

Hot Club de Paris - The Rise And Inevitable Fall of the High School Suicide Cluster Band (8/10)
"Still showcasing the way with words, tight harmonies and spindly guitar riffs that has made the group cultly popular since their debut album 'The Rise And Inevitable Fall...' has some of Hot Club de Paris best ever choruses"

Robyn - Body Talk Part 1
"Pop world take heed: forget albums and try your damnedest to be as good as this."

Villagers - Becoming A Jackal (8/10)
"In a year that's seen very little in the way of memorable debut records Villagers and 'Becoming A Jackal' sticks in the mind"

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