Monday, 24 May 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #21

Pulled Apart By Horses – Back To The Fuck Yeah

Knowing as I do, the people who form the core readership of Keep Pop Loud, and the name for which I've set it up, I'm going to have to do some persuading to get you to listen to Pulled Apart Horses because, well – they're not very pop and very loud.

The strain of rock with PABH are launching at us with a ferocious intent can probably best be described as a grungy version of post-hardcore, neither genre can I claim to be an expert on, but both of which are renown for their integrity and abrasiveness. Now, Pulled Apart By Horses form one corner of a triangle of rock groups from Leeds that I've long been hoping are going to make a breakthrough into the minds of the alternative rock press and listening community. The other two corners of said triad are Cickenhawk (thrashy, shouty and heavy on the double kick drum) and Dinosaur Pile-Up (grungy but with a sense of humour reminiscent of We Are Scientists), both of which I believed prior to seeing this video had more potential. With 'Back To The Fuck Yeah' however and the imminent release of a self-titled debut album PABH seem poised to take the lead both chronologically and in terms of brilliance.

On the surface this song comes across as an aggressive piece of rock music, and something that's maybe not worth the average pop fans time. However, one look at the video and the tongue in cheek spoofing of heavy rock's penchant for menacing woodland and evil iconography and it becomes apparent that Pulled Apart By Horses are smarter than your average. If nothing else remember that this is the band that recorded songs under the titles 'E=MC Hammer' and 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat'. They're certainly not taking all of this too seriously. Still they are very good and you really should listen to them.

The video comes courtesy of This Is Fake DIY, who you really should go and read!

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