Monday, 19 April 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #16

The Lovely Eggs – 'Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?'

So, what's the track of the week this week then? Something to do with the Supergrass split? Maybe it's one of the sexy pieces of vinyl that was released for record store day? (I got away with Gorillaz 'White Flag' and the Dangermouse/Sparklehorse/Gruff Rhys 7” - both apparently limited to 100 copies. Go me!) But it's neither of those, is it. It's not even the free Blur download, which is pretty darned good. And you can see that it's none of them because it says above what the track of the week is, and it is by The Lovely Eggs.

My friends and I took a punt on this gig on Friday night, on the strength of this one song and were far from disappointed. Support act Hexicon were on the right side of listenable and closed with one remarkably good track. The Lovely Eggs meanwhile turned up late, mucked up a couple of times and stopped one song because the singer didn't like her “voice going all space age”. In other words The Lovely Eggs were adorable and I couldn't help but invest in a copy of their album If You Were Fruit from the merch stand afterwards. (I'm poor and yet I keep spending cash on music)

'Have You Ever Heard A Digital Accordion?' was the set closer and is currently their best known song. A list of activities that Holly and David, who make up the duo, believe are essential to prevent you from burning in hell, not only will this song provide you with a few laughs but it could also save your soul. There's not many songs, Track of the Week or otherwise, that can have that as a selling point is there.

This is the epitome of lo-fi indiepop goodness.

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