Sunday, 11 April 2010

Track of the Week: 2010 #15

The National – 'Bloodbuzz Ohio'

I've been really slack this past week. Sorry about that. I've been off work and therefore busy doing other things. As an apology here's a song that every single other music blog in the world has been wetting themselves over for the past month or so.

I've only recently gotten into The National, and that is at the moment the single greatest regret of my life. It was 'So Far Around The Bend' from last year's Dark Was The Night compilation which bought them to my attention and since then I've been enjoying Alligator and Boxer to a greater extent than I can really put into words.

When I've tried to describe The National I've only ever been able to say that they sound like a band. Sonically there's nothing massively distinctive about them, and yet they sound like no other band on the planet. If you're unfamiliar now then new single/free download 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' is as good a place as any to start. It has all of the hallmarks of The National's best songs with the star being the heart-wrenching baritone of Matt Berninger and the affective yet abstract lyrics.

High Violet, 'Bloodbuzz Ohio's parent album is due out on May 10th and is probably the most highly anticipated album of the year in most parts (or at least is joint so with the next LCD Soundsystem one). The single is due out on a 7” on May 3rd, but you can download it for FREE! NOW! HERE!

The next few updates are probably going to be reviews. I've got a sizeable pile from This Is Fake DIY to go through from artists as varied as She & Him and Atari Teenage Riot. Because of this the (much delayed) pieces on why Romance Is Boring is great and why The Libertines reunion is/isn't important to me, are going to have to wait that little bit longer.

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