Monday, 29 March 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #13

The Pipettes – 'Stop The Music'

Hands up; who expected the forthcoming second record from The Pipettes to be any good. No? Well, me neither. You'll be more than pleasantly surprised then when I tell you that not only is 'Stop The Music' one of the best songs of 2010 so far, but it is so by quite a long way AND is from a cracking album.

Earth Vs The Pipettes
landed on my doorstep over the weekend and any fears or assertions that The Pipettes were going to have lost it after their most talented member made a break for a solo career can be fully dispelled. I won't say too much about the record, because there's a review coming up as soon as I can get my thoughts together, but it's eclectic and epic mix of brilliant pop tunes.

'Stop The Music' then. From first couple of listens this strikes as being the highlight from Earth Vs The Pipettes. It introduces itself with clicking fingers, features bongos and such percussion as you'd not expect from the ex-polka-dot-popsters. The chorus however is still of the sort that most bands would truly give their own mothers up for. Classy, awkward, smart and pretty. It's a Pipettes song through and through.

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