Monday, 22 March 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #12

This week's Track of the Week is in dedication to a certain branch of pop music which I feel that I've been neglecting of late. To what extent this is down to me, and to what extent it is down to the lack of decent examples is something on which I'm not too sure. One thing's for certain however; you wait a long time for an example of catchy electro-pop made by a pretty blonde lady and then two come along at once. Because I cannot decide which one of these (which handily fall on either side of 'credibility') is the better, or more worthy of being Track of the Week, I am letting YOU decide. Now I don't really mind which one you chose, and I'm not even asking you to tell me (although feel free to, if you so wish) but I am asking you to listen to both and formulate an opinion.

Goldfrapp 'Rocket' / Diana Vickers 'Once'

First thing to mention here is the frustration that these two songs have caused me, due the lack of embeddable videos. Said issue recalls a news story that I came across fairly recently, which you may well have seen. Basically, a coalition is in the process of being set up which should allow artists to upload and gain royalties from videos without the interference of record labels. Said royalties would come from all plays of the video and not just from youtube's main site. In the long run this would mean that hopefully the 'embedding disabled by request' problem should become a thing of the past.

Onto this weeks Track(s) of the Week; and first up there's 'Rocket' by Goldfrapp. 'Rocket' is a resplendent '80s epic; glossy and supremely danceable, it's arguably a bit behind in regards to the electro-pop revival. It features on the new album Head First, which is out today and has been met by mixed reviews. Oddly, and despite having a huge earworm of a chorus, it has been maligned by Radio 1 and as such as failed to chart. Still, it is bloody brilliant.

Secondly there's Diana Vickers. I mentioned a couple of months ago that this track had the potential to be the first non-shit thing to have ever come from The X Factor. The full version of the track has vindicated me in this as 'Once' is a full on modern dancefloor stomper. Where Goldfrapp aruably sounds a lot like Ladyhawke, Diana Vickers is sounding quite like Sophie Ellis-Bextor here and as such is breaking no new ground for pop music. Thankfully, the chorus is plenty huge enough to make this more than a tad enjoyable.

Again, the actual video for the song has embedding disabled. You can see the video to the single (which is due on April 19th) right here. For purposes of having a video on the page, just below is a low quality radio rip set to a picture. You're better off watching the actual video really 'cause the sound quality is so much better, but here you go anyway.

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