Sunday, 14 February 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #7

Kate Nash – 'I Just Love You More'

Was not expecting this. I really enjoyed Kate Nash's debut album a couple of years ago but her long absence from the pop scene has sadly made everyone forget about her. With the current vogue of female pop singers I was expecting any return from her to be tailor made to hit the charts and please her record label who have been supporting her for the past couple of years.

Somehow, instead of either going down the 'quirky' folk route or the accessible synth-pop route Kate's gone and recorded a mental-as-you-like rock track. To these ears it sounds like Nash's relationship with Cribs man Ryan Jarman has influenced more than her lyrics. 'I Just Love You More is a free download from her website. So go and get it!

Also from the “Welcome back ladies, and where do you think you've been for the past couple of years?” file is The Pipettes who have likewise made the return with a free download track. Sadly The Pipettes are now on Sugababes levels of original members (none) and have only one member on board from the first album (Gwenno). As a duo they're nowhere near as good but have evolved from their polka-pop days, which is something. 'Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen' is available here. You be the judge.

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