Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Back to The Futureheads

Sunderland's The Futureheads could well make claim to being, if not the best, then certainly one of the most defining bands of the last decade. Coming around during the post-punk revival explosion they've thus far put out three albums of brilliant music and are currently readying a forth. Despite their Top 10 success with their cover of 'Hounds Of Love', The 'Heads have remained pretty much critic-proof. Said forth album is to be called The Chaos and will be their second put out on their own label.

Thankfully, from The Futureheads have revealed about The Chaos, it seems that we're unlikely to see a dip in quality from the band that at the very least, I love.

The first piece of evidence to support this comes from the new single; 'Heartbeat Song'. It's all over the interweb, the fact that it is by far the band's most pop single yet. With it's huge chorus and straightforward structure it could be the best Buzzcocks song the Buzzcocks never wrote. I was going to use this as a Track of the Week at some point, but I've realised that nearly all of my TotWs so far this year have been from established artists, and also that aside from them and my This is Fake DIY reviews I've written very little about anything else recently. This should hopefully kill two birds with one stone. The video is below and I am dedicating my time this week to unearthing a track by a new or (relatively) unheard of band for next Monday. Failing that I'll just stick up something by Copy Haho.

So far 2010 has disappointed massively with regards to album artwork (Yeasayer, Los Campesinos! and MGMT all have released/announced pretty dire ones). Trust The Futurheads to have buckled this trend and provided us with the second clue that their awaited new record will be Not Shit. The artwork to The Chaos recalls that to Muse's Resistance from last year but in retaining the greys of The Futurheads previous albums (namely their self-titled debut and News & Tributes) it settles much more into a cold-war vibe. Basic and minimal, it fits The Futureheads brand of post-punk like a glove.

Now there's a lot of records due out in the next month or so, and I hope to actually have the chance to write about some of them, seeing as I have little in the way of reviewing to do.

The Chaos is due on April 26th on Nul Records

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