Sunday, 31 January 2010

Track of the Week 2010: #5

Los Campesinos! 'Romance Is Boring'

Easy choice for track of the week this week. Los Campesinos! were one of the primary inspirations behind starting Keep Pop Loud and if you don't like them then I'm afraid that you're probably reading the wrong blog. Cheers though.

The new album is out today and I've been listening to it over the weekend (thanks to the miracle of pre-orders getting here early) and it's really good. I mean REALLY great. Although it must be said that it's very dense and not as pop as they have been.

This is the title track from the album and has an equally good (if somewhat odd) video to go with it. There's not much else to say really other than it's a right noisy belter of a single, so enjoy.

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