Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Track Of The Week #6

Vampire Weekend - 'Cousins'

The self-titled debut from Vampire Weekend took me a bit by surprise to be perfectly honest. Buying the album because of the infectious 'A-Punk' I didn't expect to actually love it. But lo-and-behold it made last years end of year list, just for being great.

Now they're back. Album #2 Contra is due out in the new year and following on from free download 'Horchata' is the record's first proper single 'Cousins'. Like an 'A-Punk' meets 'It's The End of the World as We Know It...' it's fast furious and sure to cause a lot of damage to VWs snares. The download is apparently available now, and a nice looking 10" is due to come on December 15th, which is something that I'll be ordering.

Is the last great single of the decade the precursor to the first great album of the next?

Possibly, and it's got a great video!

If you want some freebies then head over to This is Fake DIY where there's new tracks by The Futurheads, Blood Red Shoes and Hot Hot Heat up for grabs.


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Anonymous said...

to be honest i didnt think i would like this but need less to say i do and what a catchy riff...what an awesome video to