Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Track Of The Week #5

The Gaslight Anthem - 'The '59 Sound'

I've talked before about how my relationship with music is changing, and for me the most alarming shift has been away from me forming close bonds with artists and records and more towards me listening to lots of music, a few times; ever expanding my tastes and collection. I've been searching for a way to rectify this, or to at least balance the two, and having come across some really good pieces of journalism recently happened upon one.

Over at Juggernaut Brew new ways of listening to music are being discussed and the solution offered is one that I've decided to try. You can read the entire article here, and it's advised that you do so, but in short this week I've decided to an extent to ration myself and let one album be the predominant soundtrack to most of my life, knowing full well at the start of this that it would be an album that I had every chance of really loving.

Therefore I've had The Gaslight Anthem's album from last year, The '59 Sound on repeat. And although I had already had a cursory listen to it when it first appeared in the missuses CD collection a couple of months back, since the weekend it's album that I've truly come to love. There's plenty of fantastic songs on there, all of them with a hefty Springsteen-via-punk vibe but my favourite, and this weeks TotW is the title track. It's highly emotive and managing to talk about death in an affecting and personal, yet universal way. Thanks to a re-issue earlier in the year this song is also in the running for this year's the End of Year list.


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