Thursday, 5 November 2009

Track Of The Week #3

Muse – Hysteria (Live)

Long-time brilliant three-piece Muse kicked off the UK leg of their Resistance Tour in Sheffield last night, and as you might expect/be aware, yours truly was in attendance. My second time seeing the band (the first was in the same venue about three years ago) was an infinitely pleasurable experience, with a flawless setlist and fantastic stage show that managed to involve more lighting and laser fixtures than should really be possible, even for a venue the size of an arena, as well as a stage that contained three moving sections propelling the members of the band skyward.

Muse is not the only fantastic show that I've witnessed in the past week (last Friday saw a trip to Leeds to see Los Campesinos!, but there's more to come on that) but is Track of the Week for the sheer scale of the event and band. The set included many highlights which could gladly appear as TotW but I've gone for 'Hysteria' for prompting the formation of a pit very early on in the set. The freshness of the audience was apparent due to the ferocity, and the lighting display was similarly energetic.

If you've not been lucky enough to catch Muse on this tour then it's very much possible that you've missed the live event of the year and here's a video that someone took of 'Hysteria' last night at Sheffield, just to make you jealous.

It doesn't do it justice really

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