Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Track Of The Week #2

Pulp - 'Disco 2000' (7" Mix)

It's been more difficult picking a Track Of The Week this week, because although some pretty decent songs have caught my ear, there's really been nothing that's completely jumped out at me screaming and shouting “MAKE ME TRACK OF THE WEEK, YOU LITTLE FUKCER”. A couple of the aforementioned 'pretty decent' ones are 'Scorpieau' by Chickenhawk who are a bunch of noisemongers featured on the latest Dance To The Radio vinyl (reviewed here) and a solo track from Guillemots' Fyfe Dangerfield who has a solo album due out in January. Said Fyfe song, entitled 'Walk In The Room', is available as a free download here.

Instead, this week's Track Of The Week is 'Disco 2000' (7" Mix) by Pulp. An oldie, sure, but one hell of a goodie. Of course it's TOTW thanks to all of those 'quote twisting' reunion rumours that have been circulating, stating that Jarvis is reforming the band to play Glastonbury next year. As a massive Pulp fan and as someone who's going to Glasto 2010 it's easy for me to state that this would be an awesome thing. At this point you're asked to put aside your snide comments about reunions being contrived and just remember the brilliance of the band.

'Disco 2000' remains one of Pulp's strongest tracks, thanks to the excellent, emotive narrative and the underpinning disco beat, combined with that guitar riff. When watching the Pulp DVD Hits I came across this version that I was previously unaware of. Hearing the 7" Mix reminded me of hearing the track when it was released, as slightly different takes are warrant to, however, it's the brief spoken word segment towards the end which means that this has to be one of the greatest 'alternate takes' of all time.


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