Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Track Of The Week #1

The Hot Rats - 'Damaged Goods'

It's new feature time at Keep Pop Loud, and seeing as all of the other 'regular' features thus far have been dropped due to either having nothing to talk about or my simply not getting around to writing ideas up I've decided to do something that I can keep an eye on. Therefore it's time for the first ever Keep Pop Loud Track Of The Week'(or KPLTOTW if you're heavily into acronyms).

A quick side note: the songs aren't necessarily ones that are new or due out around the time that they're posted, just songs that are currently in my head or soundtracking something relevant.

I'll try and get the post done for Thursdays, but this may occasionally change.

For the first ever Track Of The Week here's The Hot Rats' cover of Gang of Four's 'Damaged Goods'. As a huuuge fan of Supergrass, this side project from half of the band (singer/guitarist Gaz and drummer Danny) has come as a welcome pre-Christmas treat. There's a full review of the song (and it's b-side) here, at This is Fake DIY, and below there's the video for the song.

For a soundbite: it sounds like Supergrass covering Gang of Four.


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