Friday, 2 October 2009

Decade: Introduction

After a pretty decent list of 500 songs, the Pitchfork 'Albums of the Decade' list concluded today somewhat disappointingly (Radiohead's Kid A at the top). I should probably take pains to say that normally I stay clear of reading Pitchfork but the prospect of such lists lured me in. Lists have a tendency for doing that. In the wake of this 'P2K' saga, end of decade countdowns are cropping up across the net, as indie boys rush to their blogs with posts essentially repeating the Pitchfork lists but in a different order and without the rap.

I'm not joining in that rat race.

As most of my musical discovery has occurred this decade any list would be arbitrary, excluding music that I have (comparatively) recently discovered just because it fell on the wrong side of the decade divide. Take for instance the discography of Pulp: aside from the major hits I've only come to know the band this decade and being able to include 'Sunrise' (2001) in such a list, but not the slightly superior material from This is Hardcore (1998) nullifies it somewhat.

If it's essential for you to have a completely arbitrary selection that can be called Keep Pop Loud's album of the 2000's then it's quite simply Franz Ferdinand. That's not to say it's my favourite album of the decade necessarily (although it's certainly one of them!) but to say that it's the one that's had the most impact on me. Introducing me to a world of music that I'm still exploring and giving the passion to actually seek out music rather than letting it find me.

As for songs... A Top Three: ThreeTwoOne

Now seeing as I've got that out of the way with, hopefully, as little ceremony as possible, here's the plan for KPL's marking of the passing of the decade. In contrast to the self-celebration of certain (aforementioned) websites and their I-told-you-so's I'm giving you a list, in rough order, of albums that have passed critics and/or consumers by from the past ten years. I'm not doing this to provide a comprehensive list of under the radar albums and similarly it's not supposed to be a hipper-than-thou list of obscurities. Instead this is a catalogue of ten albums (starting on Monday and going for approximately two weeks) that I've loved and that have failed to set the world alight critically, or that have disappeared from collective memory.

These are records that have been absent from the 'End of Decade' lists, but hopefully are lurking around in some of your collections somewhere. Hopefully this will encourage some re-visits and if it points some of you towards things that hadn't been considered before then all the better. This will be the 'Keep/Pop/Loud List of Criminally Underrated Albums of the 2000's'.


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