Monday, 21 September 2009

We found Captain..!

... or rather Captain found us

We received a comment on an old post of ours yesterday. The post in question basically asked: "Where the fuck are brilliant pop band Captain?". Well, we seem to have an answer:

Hi, It's Alex from Captain here...
Basically the story is we were dropped by EMI last July, everyone in the band started getting on with other projects and needed a break. The was much talk of what to do but a variety of factors meant that nothing has happened for the past year or so. We are all still great friends and starting to revisit the idea of releasing this (great) 2nd Album we've recorded. Shortly we'll be offering some previously unheard tracks as an incentive for signing up to our new mailing list and then take it from there. Thanks for caring and hopefully we can find a way to get this album out because we put a lot of time into it and would love the world to hear it.

It's such a tough climate and we wish the best to any bands struggling to survive right now!!!
Much love,
Alex from Captain.


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