Wednesday, 20 May 2009

White Rabbit marks the Ash return

Just a quick news blog for y'all. Ash, a band who are easily one of our favourites of all time, are making a comeback. Last year they announced that they'd be eschewing the album format in the future and they've just announced details of how they'll be releasing music from now on. The current project is an 'A-Z Series' of singles that has already begun with a free download from their website entitled 'Return of White Rabbit'. It's a dancey pop song that's definitely not half bad (we reckon about 7/10).

So first of all get yourself over to Ash and get hold of this song. Secondly, if anyone has any ideas to how this relates to being 'A' in the alphabet then by all means let us know. In the meantime let's be thankful that these three are still going and, for the moment at least, handing out freebiees.


Please note: KPL has worn the hat in the above picture.

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