Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Second KPL Spring Album Round-Up

We've been out of touch recently, in a quiet major way. Sorry about that, but we are incredibly busy sorting out what is very nearly a million and one things. As we sit here there's a copy of Watchmen that needs reading and a handful of reviews that we still need to do for DIY (not to mention games that need playing and a box set of Disney-Pixar DVDs that need watching). By way of apology for our extended absence we are once again "comin' at you" with an album round-up

MastodonCrack The Skye
One of the best albums of the year by far. This is Mastodon at their most melodic and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. There's so much going on on 'Crack The Skye' that we feel that even if we spent countless blog entries detailing it we'd still come up way short.

Super Furry AnimalsDark Days / Light Years
SFA have been going for so long and thankfully are still as good as ever. This is a groovy riffy album that encapsulates the summer. You can either let this wash over you in waves or you can sit and peel back the layers to get to the hearts of the songs. Either way is good.

The MaccabeesWall of Arms
An absolute gem of a record that combines The Maccabees trademark sound of dual guitars with a more mature larger pop soundscape. Of all the songs contained on Wall of Arms the highlight is undoubtedly 'Dinosaurs', which with it's dramatic brass section is highly affecting.

Camera ObscuraMy Maudlin Career
A pretty, proper old indie record. String laden, sad pop music that's really well written and well performed. We've only had chance to listen to this once so far but we really really like this record.

Maxïmo ParkQuicken The Heart
Maxïmo are old favourites of ours, and it's safe to say that this is their least brilliant record yet. However it is still full of good songs, from the energetic 'Wraithlike' to the thrusting 'In Another World'. It's definitely a record that's going to get many many airings at KPL towers.

MJ Hibbett & The ValidatorsRegardez, Ecoutez et Repetez
MJ Hibbett is easily Peterborough's best music export and a great cult songwriter. This is his latest album with the Validators and is as good as any of his previous offerings. Standout tracks include the single 'Do The Indie Kid', 'We're Old And We're Tired (And We Want To Go Home)' and the epic closer 'Leicester's Trying To Tell Me Something'. All of Hibbett's albums are available from his website, so if you're unfamiliar then it's a good place to go to have a look.

On top of this we've been really digging Flight of the Conchords recently, both the TV show and the music is, we think, completely awesome and hilarious. The DVD of Season One is a must get and we recommend that you do so pretty soon as Season Two is due soon, with a second album on the way also. Another slightly off the wall recommendation is Johnny Cash's American Recordings, which we've been getting into quiet a bit recently. Number IV The Man Comes Around is the best one but all are worth a listen as the man is quiet simply one of the most brilliant and legendary singer-songwriters to have ever graced popular music. Lastly before we leave you, we saw Johnny Foreigner at Fuzz Club in Sheffield last Thursday. We were quiet prepared for them to be good, what we was not expecting however was for them to completely blow us away. Fantastic three piece fight pop from Birmingham, it was right up our street with boy-girl to-and-fro vocals and handclaps. We promplty bought their entire back catalogue and await their new album which is due this year. Go to their myspace and familiarise yourself with them now before we start salivating over their new material.


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