Saturday, 7 February 2009

Brakes 'Touchdown' at Fuzz Club

Brakes are a long-term favourite of mine, and on Thursday they came (once again) through Fuzz Club. I managed to have a little chat with frontman and all round nice guy Eamon Hamilton before hand about the new album and American Immigration. He told me that the band are really happy with the forthcoming album Touchdown and that by the time they had got into the studio they were all already very familiar with the songs they were recording.

I agree with Eamon, having got an advanced copy of Touchdown. It’s a brilliant record that flows superbly. The songs are really strong and it overall has the feel of a band that are really settled in what they’re doing. That Eamon got married at the end of last year seems to have had an effect on it and it seems less angry and the love songs are more apparent, not least in the form of ‘First Dance’, the hidden track that was written to be the first dance at said wedding.

The gig was likewise brilliant. Unfortunately there wasn’t as many people there as I’d have liked but the crowd still got going. There was something of a hardcore bunch in the front-middle going as hell for leather as the band, proving that I wasn’t the only person there to have heard Touchdown. I did break my watch during ‘Porcupine or Pineapple’ but managed to find it again (only to loose it again at some point before taking the gig down). The only other bad thing about the set (which saw Eamon dressed in a silver space-suit and Tom mock the crowd for making sexual sounds) was that they had to cut out the encore due to running over.

Still it was a brilliant set, and amongst the many highlights were the playing of ‘Comma Comma Comma Full Stop’ three times in a row, highlight from the new record ‘Don’t Take Me To Space (Man)’, the altering of the words to protest song ‘Cheney’ (“stop being such a dick” changed to a more appropriate “goodbye”) and the epic closing song ‘Oh! Forver’.

There's some photos of the gig to follow, when I can get them sorted.

Touchdown is due out on 20th April. If you can’t wait that long and/or are unfamiliar with their material then Give Blood and The Beatific Visions are both available on Rough Trade Records and are very very good, captivating mixtures of Pixies-esque rock ‘n’ roll and tender country pop.


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