Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The '08Tape Side A

We reach the end of 2008. You may have had a good year, conversely you may have had a shite one. Either way, it’s coming to an end and, like us, you’ve been informed that it’s The Festive Season. If you’ve needed an excuse for a party then this is it. There’s been hundreds upon hundreds of lists telling you what you should have been listening to in the past 12 months, but for some reason have no-one’s given you a compact little playlist that you can just stick on at your Xmas/New Year party. One that fits on CD or tape would be handy wouldn’t it? We’re not hosting MP3s here at the moment, but you can find most of these through The Hype Machine, or failing that to buy from 7Digital.

Firstly there's Side A of the ‘08Tape, featuring some select awesome. There’s the best opening song from the year, a storming track from a Scottish super-group and then the years best cover. We've got a brilliant obscure discovery and then a Number One single. There's the indie anthem that’s been heard by nowhere near enough people, a short ditty from a perfect album and a pop song that’s currently on its way to the top of the charts. There’s a comic return from one of our favourites, one of the years best newcomers and the song with the best video of 2008. We finish with what we think is the most perfect album closer of the year (although to fit on the tape you’ll need to cut off the hidden track)

'Kriss Kross' – Guillemots
'Joni' - Correcto
'Umbrella' – Manic Street Preachers
'Swan Lake' – Thomas Tantrum
'Viva La Vida' – Coldplay
'Do The Indie Kid' – MJ Hibbett & The Validators
'The Loving Kind' – Girls Aloud
'She Doesn’t Belong To Me' – Pete And The Pirates
'Addicted To Drugs' – Kaiser Chiefs
'Hitten' – Those Dancing Days
'Pork And Beans' – Weezer
'Waiting For The Beat To Kick In…' dan le sac Vs. Scroobious Pip

If anyone really desperately wants a copy of the tape then by all means get into contact and we'll see what we can do. Side B will be up in the next few days


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