Friday, 26 December 2008

The '08 Tape Side B

We reach the end of 2008. You may have had a good year, conversely you may have had a shite one. Either way, it’s coming to an end and, like us, you’ve been informed that it’s The Festive Season. If you’ve needed an excuse for a party then this is it. There’s been hundreds upon hundreds of lists telling you what you should have been listening to in the past 12 months, but for some reason have no-one’s given you a compact little playlist that you can just stick on at your Xmas/New Year party. One that fits on CD or tape would be handy wouldn’t it? We’re not hosting MP3s here at the moment, but you can find most of these through The Hype Machine, or failing that to buy from 7Digital.

And as promised, today we finish our End of Year roundup with Side B of the ‘08Tape now. It features our Top 11 songs of the year in ascending order (from #11 as Track 1 to #1 as Track 11). It was going to be our Top 10 but there was room for one more on the tape. We start the countdown with a perfect single from a band that parted ways this year, and follow it with the most epic moment yet from a group who have every right to claim this year as their own. It’s then onto what is undoubtedly the years best Number One single and it’s followed with a blast of pure POP and a single from Britain’s perennial underachievers, which in turn is followed by perfection from some critical darlings. Only then do we get to our Top 5, featuring: a highlight from the best album of 2008, Star Wars synth-pop, a bass lead rocker from our favourite band, a twee chant-along and finally a song that we think sums up all that’s great about current pop music…

‘Guilt’ – The Long Blondes
‘One Day Like This’ - Elbow
‘Sex On Fire’ – Kings Of Leon
‘What Is Happening’ – Alphabeat
‘The Beginning Of The Twist’ – The Futureheads
'Time To Pretend' - MGMT
‘No Lucifer’ – British Sea Power
‘I Told Her On Alderaan’ – Neon Neon
‘Bad Blood’ – Supergrass
'Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’ – Los Campesnios!
‘Turn Tail’ – Young Knives

Again, if anyone’s really desperate for a copy of this mixtape then by all means contact us and we’ll try and work something out


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